I work by appointment, usually booking out a few weeks at a time, sometimes more. If you are a first-time client interested in getting some work done, it's probably best to email me with a few specifics: subject matter, placement, size, any images that are important to the design.

My studio is located within the historic Eldridge Building in Carnegie Square. Stopping by is fine assuming you've made arrangements with me first either by phone or email.

Bird's Eye Tattoo
1325 W. 1st Ave., #316 Spokane, WA 99201


On the east side of the Eldridge Building is a parking lot with a few free customer spaces. Meters nearest the building are good for an hour and a half. Slightly further out are three hour meters. Ten hour spaces can be found under the train bridge on Cedar, just south of the Eldridge. Be warned that cars do get ticketed regularly for expired meters.